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Hologram for Textile

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We produce security hologramlLabels for cloth/ textile/ leather tag/plastic. Our high quality stitchable Holograms labels for cloth/ textiles/ leather will be applied onto cloth/textile/leather by hot stamping procee or ironed by normal iron. Our stickers are highly recommended for their incomparable quality. These special self adhesive labels are embossed on special film laminates as per client specified art work. We also present highly innovative sloth labels & tags. Our best quality clothing stickers are supplied on huge scale and we are widely known as one most active stitchable holograms & clothing labels suppliers. It's woven labels with hot stamping or iron.

hologram paper

This photo is from website. It's not produced by us. Our stock design hologram sticker photoes for textile and leather will come soon.

Holographic Lanel for textile, leather, fabric tag, clothes tag.

hologram paper

Hot stamping hologram sticker for textile, leather, fabric tag, clothes tag. It can be hologram sticker iron onto textile,leather,plastic, woven material.

Specifications silver holgoram, golden hologram, transparent hologram sticker, 3d hologram label, hologram sticker with hot melt glue which can stick onto textile and leather very strong.

hologram paper

These are hot stamping hologram label by hot stamping machine or Iron
1.The hologram image is stamped onto cloth/leather/fabric by iron strongly,
2.High quality,competitive price,fast delivery

hologram paper

This is our stock clothes hologram with hot melt glue. This hologam can be applied onto fabric, leather, cloth tap by iron


Hot stamping Label(hot stamping foil label,hot stamping foil)

Hologram and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting products:

hologram paper

Holgoram sticker with glue which is suitable for leather tag, cloth tag.

hologram paper

Holgoram label with glue which is suitable for leather tag, cloth tag.

1. Security ID card, certificate,ticket, coupon.

2. Micro-text.

3. Packaging sealing strip.

4. Dot matrix hologram label.

5. Multi-channel hologram label.

6. Demetalized micro-text security line.

7. Self-adhesive sticker.

8. Hologram masters and labels (2D/3D).

9. Hot stamping foil.

10. VOID tamper evident sticker.

11. Color-changing.

12. Bar code with serial number.

13. Floating hand-feeling line.

14. Anti-duplicating and scanning.

15.Tamper evident hologram label.

16. Light-revealable hiding image.

hologram paper

Textile hologram sticker, Leather holographic label, fabric hologram sticker will be will appled onto textile, leather, fabric tag by iron or hot stamping equipment. This kind of hologram sticker is washable. This is dot-matrix hologram sticker with kinematic movement effect. There're AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL in 2D/3D. The pearl dot and kinematic movement effect is dot-matrix hologram effect.

hologram paper

Holographic label for textile, leather, PVC, PET, fabric. The sticker can not removed be the sticker is fixed onto textile, leather, PVC, PET, fabric by hot melt glue which is very strong. The ORIGINAL and STAR is 2D/3D effect. The background pearl dots and animation effect is dot-matrix efect.

Color printing:

1. Oversize color box

2. Corrugated paper carton

3. Hang-tag

4. Carbon paper bill book

5. Gift and craft packet

6. Pictorial and folded leaflet

7. Graphic design

8. Hand bag printing

9. Self-adhesive labels and stickers

10. Calendar

11. Note book

12. Stationery

13.Business card holder

14. Brochure

15. Exhibit box

hologram paper

2D/3D fabric holographic sticker for leather, clothes. The s